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Back in 2000 I bought a Jasper Engine and had it installed in my car.Immediately it began smoking and lost oil pressure.

Jasper's warranty dept. personnel wanted to blame my mechanic. I had to threaten to sue. They sent another engine.

It soon locked up. After about 4 more junk engines I gave up. Their 3yr-75,000 mile warranty isn't worth a *** if your car is in the shop all the time like mine was. I finally had to junk the car out.

The worst investment and experience I have ever had was buying a Jasper Engine.

I wont go there again.!!!!!

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Had a Jasper put in my Blazer two years ago.Put on about 20,000. It is running like a top.


I have had my 2000 Marquis since new.In 257,000 is was trouble free- Timing chain went (could still drive it) and got word from my Mechanic.

Had this mechanic for 15 years and would trust him with my life. I suggested new motor. Got the motor (sounds great), but the trans started shifting badly. The mileage which had been 22mpg avergage fell to 13-18 mpg.

Added Jasper Trans. Runs well till warm then same thing. Mechanic has changed sensors, computer items, and put a 3rd trans in it. This is a night mare.

Car drives like a new Mercury until warm. Then power drops, and trans shifts erratically between 0 and 40 mph. I spent almost 10K on this nightmare and now spending tons of money on rental cars while the car goes in and out.

I suspect its the motor with some kind of defect causing an over heating issue (gage fine but light has comeon).I don't think I'd ever take another Jasper product - this has been to hard.


I run a jasper sbc in hot rod and you cant beat it. mid 10s all day long. sound like alot of people :cry 101 things to do wrong when you do the install, but its always easy to point the pinger ;)


About 10 years ago I replaced an 86 Chev 305 with a Jasper.Still runs with good torque.

I've put about 135k miles on it of rough, short driving around town. No oil leaks, no gasket leaks, just runs. Same carb. Have had many problems with aftermarket Chev parts like alternators, a/c, etc., but the Jasper just keeps on going.

I recently put a Jasper trans in my 1990 cad brougham. Runs well; restored the old up-hill power in a low power 307 Olds engine set up. Might do a Jasper engine for the cad soon; thinking it over.

Worst engine I ever had was in a Honda Civic back in the 70's Best I ever had was a VW 4 cyl back in the 80's, 46 mpg.Best regards to all.


I have installed around 6 jasper units in the last year and a half only one came back and jasper replaced it no charge just like any other maunfacturing facility bad units are produced sometimes it happens i understand peoples frustration but dont take it to far


I am waiting for my new 3.8L reman to be installed in my 2000 firebird and i am hoping that the motor i get will be the same hp (200)rating as the one it is replacing.2001 & 2002 firebirds have a reduced hp rating of 160hp.

Very worried about this issue and can't find anything related on the Jasper web site....

Thinking maybe i should cancel the order and take it to the dealership so at least i know i won't have a problem...and it would only cost me an extra 200 to 300 hundred dollars more for oe.


In 2003 I purchased a Jasper transmission for my 1995 Powerstroke diesel.Mainly because of their reputation and the local rep at the time was a family friend.

At the time the warranty was 3yr 75 thou miles. At 19000 miles and 8 yrs old while towing a camper the trans died a quick death. I know the time limit was long gone but I thought Jasper would have at least met me half way. Nope!

They offered me 10 percent off and a full warranty.

Yeah, sure.Never again will I recommend a Jasper product.


I bought my jasper engine in 2007, and all I have ever had to do to it was change the oil and regular tune ups. I will go back and get another one if this one goes bad, so I have a lot of faith in the workmen ship of the people who make these engines


man, what a whiner.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #220795

Just found this page,was going to replace motor but checked with some of the BBB,S AND FOUND YOU CAN'T TRUST REBUILDERS, :?

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