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In today's day of high unemployment and corporate corruption yet another national company has managed to stay under the radar and elude the scrutiny of the American public and press.

On February 24, 2009, Yamato Engine Specialist Ltd in Bellingham, Washington was raided by Federal immigration agents. Twenty eight illegal workers were detained and taken off in handcuffs. The twenty eight people represented on-third of the engine remanufacturing company's work force.

On Monday August 17, 2009 two Yamato employees were charged with knowingly allowing workers to use face documents and the company was charged with encouraging an illegal immigrant to live in the US, according to documents filed in US District Court in Seattle.

According to the documents:

In early June 2006, Shafique Dhanani, Yamoto official and member of the family that owns the company, knowingly allowed a Yamato administrative employee to make and use a false Employment Eligibility Verification Ford I-p for an employee not authorized to work in the US.

Shirin Dhanani Makalai, administrative manager and also a member of the family that owns Yamato did this again in Late February 2009.

In early February 2006 through late February 2009, Yamato officials and employees kningly combined, conspired and agreed to encourage and induce illegal immigrants to reside in the US despite knowing it was a violation of US law.

On Monday September 21, 2009 Shafique Amirali Dhani and Shirin Dhanani Makala were sentenced Monday, Sept. 21, to a year on probation and their business must pay a $100,000 fine.

The part that is troubling is the Yamato engine is taking the fall alone while another large corporate giant gets away squeaky clean and has been able to stay under the radar of the news media and press. In 1999, Jasper Engines and Transmissions formed an alliance with Yamato Engine Specialist Ltd., a remanufacturer of Japanese engines. Under the alliance, Jasper Engines and Transmissions looked after the selling, marketing, and warranty of the engines. Yamato simply remanufactured the Japanese engines exclusively for Jasper Engines and Transmissions.

According to Jasper Engine and Transmission's own website and newsletter posted November 2000 ( "Jasper officially opened its new Remanufacturing facility and Distribution Center during a ribbon cutting ceremony in Bellingham Washington. This new facility utilized 75,000 square feet of production and inventory space. Bellingham's 180 associate are responsible for JASPER'S line of remanufactured import gasoline engines." The Jasper's newsletter goes on to say "…Yamato entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement to supply JASPER with their entire import product line." In Jasper's news letter there is also a picture of Jasper Engines and Transmissions President Doug Bawl and Vice President of Sale Tom Schrader at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the official opening of the Bellingham, Washington facility.

The question is how it is that Jasper Engines and Transmission had "no knowledge" of the illegal activities that were going on in the facility in Bellingham, Washington facility. Jasper had a significant role in setting up and facility. The facility was building import engines exclusively for Jasper Engines and Transmissions and shipped them over 1,000 units a month. According to Jasper's website ( "The Company also has a facility in Willow Springs, Missouri, and operates a facility in Bellingham, Washington." The term "operates a facility" means knowledge of operations from manufacturing to employees.

What is the most bothersome is that yet again, a company has been able to avoid bad press and not even be investigated for what seems to be clearly inappropriate activities. Jasper portrays itself as better than most and an American company with its roots in the Midwest. Jasper claims in their vision statement ( "JASPER Engines & Transmissions will be known as a good corporate Christian Citizen focused on preserving our natural resources and giving back to our community." What should happen is for them to take ownership of the fact that they were aware of what was going on in Bellingham, Washington. The Federal Immigration Agency should look into Jasper's activities in their own operations in Jasper Indiana as well as their involvement in Bellingham, WA. At the very least, people should be made aware of their relationship with Yamato Engines in Bellingham, WA.

With record unemployment in every state, companies need to be held to a higher standard when they give American jobs to illegal immigrants. Companies should not be allowed to hide behind a good public relations department and Christianity. Companies should be questioned publicly and be accountable for their actions if their actions result in breaking the law.

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Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #630369

I have installed Jasper for years. Don't be upset because LKQ the junkyard giant now owns Yamato. They will be a perfect match, they are both JUNK!


People prefer to make $12.00 in unemployment benefits rater than work, I hope you have a Job you are and not wrinting your article with a taxpayer money while the rest of people are working. go to the school, learn and go to rebuilt engines.


Im looking for reviews on a companies product. Thanks for nothing


I actually work at Jasper engines and I can say that yamato is it's own company, and that as of 1/1/10 is no longer affiliated with Jasper. All engines are now built in-house in either Jasper, Crawford, or willow springs. I can't speak for the whole company, but where I work there are no immigrants, yet alone illegal ones.



to Matt Bellingham, Washington, United States #589203

Matt, Its great to know that all Jasper employees at your site are Native Americans. I'm suprised, with "NO IMMINGRANTS" working at your facility, that there isn't more information about the native peoples of America working there. What tribes do your employees affiliate with?

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