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I had a Jasper Rebuilt engine installed in my 2000 Ford Ranger and after 7000 miles it is leaking oil. It's back in the shop with work being done under warranty [at least it better be].

The transmission is being removed from my truck to allow access so the shop can determine the leaking problem. I was told it's most likely a rear main seal on the "REBUILT" engine. I am without my vehicle for another 3 to 4 days while they repair it. Jasper is a piece of junk.

Their engines and transmissions fail at an alarming rate. I had no other choice as there is no place where I live that rebuilds engines.

Consumer beware. Do not buy any Jasper products if you can find what you need elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jasper Engines And Transmissions Car Engine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Pretty harsh words when the warranty process hasn't even finished. Did Jasper take care of you?

Where did you find the data that shows their engines and transmissions fail at an alarming rate? The research I have done shows the opposite!!!! I'm not sure where else you would buy a remanufactured engine. My guess your shop recommends jasper becuase they will take care of you better than part stores.

That is what my shop told me. I choose to pay the extra for a jasper knowing if I have a problem it will be better for me! My understanding is they correct oe flaws. They aren't perfect.

Nobody is!! That is why there is a warranty on their products!!!!

to Anonymous #1503286

Read unhappy reviews. I've been considering buying a dodge with a rebuilt gasper engine, gasping.

After the numerous bad reviews, I'm gonna pass. Don't need the headache from a *** product and a company that does not stand whole heartedly behind its3 product, without trying to syck additional monies from people.

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