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We bought a Jasper engine and have nothing but trouble since the first one was installed last December. It has been back to the shop multiple times.

Our local repair company changed out the first one installed. After the second one was giving us the same issues Jasper took it back to "hot wrench" it so they could determine the problem. They told us there was nothing wrong with the engine. Jasper even pointed the finger at our local repair shop, but all they did was install the engine.

They had nothing to do with the internal mechanisms. Long story short, here it is in May and we are still getting metal in our filter. We've spent between $4,000-$5,000 of our hard earned dollars and I won't just "go away". I work for a transmission shop and I've shared my problems with Jasper with the owner of the transmission shop because I know that Jasper sells transmissions too.

We can't afford to have unhappy customers. In this economy I wouldn't think Jasper Engines could afford to have unhappy customers either.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Jasper Engines And Transmissions Engine.

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #827939

Hay my work speeks4me if you a pro why are you looking for someone to fix your problems ?

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #695937

I know of a shop that several years ago had 13 + Jasper engines on the floor... all with sand in them....

and a large lawsuit..

Jasper is not the answer... many other rebuilders not to mention dealer prices have come way down....


The person that installs the engine has a LOT to do with how long and engine lasts and how well it performs.


I hate to say it but sounds like they do not test there engines or that they are using poor quality parts and to me sounds like the metal is coming from the bottom end of there engines or that the oil pump could be the cause as well,

as most engines that i have received over the yrs i can tell if they have been tested properly plus i even make sure that i install a new oil pump a long with following the proper procedures furthermore i purchase engines from a reputable manufacture or shop who dose on site machining.

and to me it sounds like they do not carry a exellent product what so ever and use cheap labor as it clearly show with 3 engines cause i could see one but 3 is telling me cheap cheap and that means *** plain and simple.

to native4life Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #589684

Useless whining by both complainer and commenters . I have 20 plus years in the business .

I am looking for options to fix my Explorer trans. This site has little usable information . First as an expert in the field I find most of these complaints suspicious and some of them can even be verified as false just from their own words .

The others are vague and lack information that would support their complaint . I am a master technician and earn a good living repairing high line cars and in my circle of peers I hear nothing like these complaints in the real world .

to native4life Annapolis, Maryland, United States #665864

yep they use cheap labor and pay them cheap, as a delivery driver they start them at $12.00hr and your even the main thence mechanic for theft service truck, so that tells u what kind of people rebuild there engines. real American my ***!

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